Who we are and what we do

The product

Jobtick provides instant home services across Australia by enabling millions of Australian households to be connected to professional home service and vice versa whether the job is a home renovation, a tiny repair or garden maintenance, Jobtick Professional Ticker across Australia ready to get the job done for you. We aims to provide unmatched online performances. We are committed to providing you with value-added, timely solutions to all your home care needs, from repairs and maintenance to finding a babysitter or personal trainer.

Our vision

Create a simpler and easier way to create, and fulfil jobs and tasks to improve people's lives.


Sajjad Bozorgi

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of Jobtick, MSc in Business, Passionate about startups

Samaneh Setayandeh


Co-founder of Jobtick, Researcher, Enthusiastically interested in multi-disciplinary subjects

Our Core Values

Our core value is our forward-thinking to inspires the members of our community & advance life education.


Jobtick teams comprise dedicated individuals with a high level of desire to make a difference in our customers' lives.


Delivering the best possible experience to our customers is no easy task with the least inputs for the highest achievement.


New ways of doing things, Drive Changes & Deliver Results

Community Core

Jobtick is committed to local community activities throughout Australia.