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Lakemba, NSW
Hudson W.Joined in Oct 2020
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Melbourne, VIC
Oscar H.Joined in Feb 2021
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Illinbah, QLD
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Johanna, VIC
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Latest Auto Repair Reviews

Check out a selection of recent reviews from our happy Posters for car repair jobs across Australia.

Lightbulb change

After trying and failing to change my bulbs, I found a mechanic on Jobtick who made it look easy - thanks.

Joseph Lowe
Joseph LowePoster

What does the auto repair include?

Our Tickers can offer a range of auto repair services based on your requirements. These include:


Regular maintenance for your vehicle to ensure it stays in safe, roadworthy condition and provides maximum performance.



All types of repairs for your vehicle’s key components, including tyres, engine, brakes, transmission, radiator, steering, suspension and more.



If your car has become scratched, scuffed, or the paintwork has been chipped - our Tickers can help apply a fresh coat of professional paint.


Emergency repairs

If you have an auto repair emergency such as a flat tyre and need help quickly - post a job to get offers from our mechanics.

Why hire a mechanic through Jobtick?

When hiring a mechanic through Jobtick, you get many benefits compared to using a garage.

Get highly rated experts

All of our Tickers are rated by Posters, meaning that you get complete transparency while choosing a highly recommended Ticker.

Choose your budget

Jobtick lets you set a budget for the entire project or at an hourly rate, saving you hundreds of dollars compared to using the alternative mechanic.

Secure & reliable

With Jobtick acting as the middleman for payments, you only pay when the job is completed, and there is no risk of being scammed.

Get offers quickly

We have hundreds of mechanics ready to help with your vehicle repair jobs - post today to start receiving offers.

Vehicle repair jobs - frequently asked questions.

What jobs can a mechanic do?
Mechanics can perform a wide range of auto repair jobs, including tyre changes, bodywork repairs, battery changes, component repairs, maintenance, brake checks and much more.
Can Tickers work with electric cars?
Yes, our mechanics can help with all types of vehicle, including electric cars. Be sure to specify the type of vehicle you have to attract offers from the right Tickers.
Will the mechanic bring their tools and equipment?
Most mechanics will provide their tools and equipment. If this is not the case, then the Ticker will give this information to you in their offer.
Can you get a same-day service?
Yes, if you have an emergency, most of our Tickers can provide same-day service - post your job now to start getting offers.
How long does it take to post an auto repair job?
Posting an auto repair job on Jobtick takes just a few minutes, and you will start receiving offers from Tickers straight away.To post your first job, sign up today on our website or through our app.