If you visit any house, the first thing you are going to look at is the bathroom. In most cases, the washrooms are not very accessible and comfortable.  Even though we don’t spend a significant amount of time over there. According to a philosophy, a man wants his washroom to be most suitable. Bathroom renovations can be a little heavy on your pocket. It may take up an ample amount of your time, savings, and efforts. The price range could range from a few thousand dollars to sky touching rates. It all depends on how you like it and your taste. JobTick helps you in getting a job done at the most affordable prices.

Bathroom Renovation Services Brisbane
Bathroom Renovation Services Brisbane

 Increasingly, if you are a smart person about spending, your investment should prove the worth. The main trick with bathroom renovation is choosing items that ease out your life. Choose washroom accessories with easy access, handy, and trendy. Renovating might get on your nerves a little. It might be slightly stressful, but bathroom renovation services Brisbane helps you with that. Washrooms are usually kept as the last part while constructing houses.  Not much interest is paid to them. Hence, ending up in mechanical errors within a few days. Redoing a washroom all over can be mighty expensive. JobTick Bathroom renovation services help you with the remodeling with what is available.

Where to start Bathroom Renovation?

While initiating a bathroom renovation, know how you want it to look. Plan out your expenditure. Adjust the utilities of the washroom according to the number of people who will be using it. The renovations can take around 30-90 days. Try not to change your plan. Change in plans would lead to increased budget costs. JobTick bathroom renovations gold coast offers all kinds of remodeling and improvements for your bathroom. The outlook for the washroom can be changed entirely after renovation.

Bathroom Tiles Bathroom renovations start from tiling the floor. The floor is the first attention seeker. The condition of the floor gives an outlook of your bathroom. Moreover, it requires constant cleaning and attention. Increasingly, you have to make sure they are devoid of cracks and chippings. Also, it would be best if you looked out for them being dull or faded. Hence, establishing the point that flooring should be the first step. Tiles may get a bit expensive on your budget. For budget bathroom renovations, limit the number of tiles used.

Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast
Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

To add-in, you can add one horizontal strip of tile along the wall and paint others. Add a combination of tiles to save your cost. Usually, homeowners prefer porcelain or ceramic tiles. Alternatively, vinyl tiles have been gaining popularity. Majorly these tiles are affordable and resistant to water absorption. Tiling can be easy. Save your budget by getting it done through JobTick. According to a safety basis, floor tiling of the shower is essential. Choose small textured shower tiles. The additional texture restrains your feet from slipping. The wet soapy floor can seem to be disastrous. Mostly modernized floorings are easy to clean. Grout resists mold, humidity, and stains. Ceramic and porcelain tiles give style.

Washroom Paints Like the floor, bathroom walls need to be sturdy, durable, and moist free. According to your liking, you can go for full or half tiled bathroom walls.  Choosing bigger tiles with lighter touching can make your bathroom look spacious. The presence of tiles In the whole washroom makes light bounce. This design creates the delusion of a  spacious room. Unfortunately, this can prove costly. If you are not hiring any bathroom renovation services, this will take up a lot of time. Painting yourself tends to take more time. It may be the smallest room, but it takes an ample amount of time.

bathroom renovation services
Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

You will have to go over gradually. Paint gently, slowly for a softer, smooth touch.  Your painting area will consist of the window, the tub or shower, the sink. The mirror, the toilet, the switchplates, the wall corners, and the floor will also be included. Hence time and patience are needed thoroughly. While planning a renovation, you should be mind full of these. JobTick helps in getting your job done at your own convenience.

On the contrary, partially tiled bathroom walls are considered a modern approach. In this way, half walls length tiles. The rest of the surface is painted. Other than being cheaper, it is also low time-consuming.

  •  All you have to do is redo half of the paint to enhance the look. In Australia, this is the most popular bathroom design. Some of the washrooms may be humid. Moisture accumulation can be a significant issue. While choosing paint, make sure it is water repellent and durable against mildew. Often, semi-gloss paint finishes are thought to be ideal for bathrooms. They can be scrubbed and insusceptible to moisture. The ceiling should have a coating with special bathroom paint. Mold growth is restricted due to paint coating.

Sink Top

A new floor and polished sinks can upgrade your washroom. It may look brand new. But replacing an old tub with a modern design can completely change the outlook. It has a dramatic impact on the overall interior. Some of the popular designs may include pedestal sinks, vanity sinks, rimmed sinks. Hanging pans are also in style. Pedestal sinks are freestanding sinks often seen in restrooms. Their popularity is due to low space consumption and a more economical price.

On the contrary, vanity sinks are comparatively expensive. They tend to take more space. Increasingly, they have extra space and gives your washroom an elegant and luxurious look. Vanity sinks are built into granite or marble countertops. They consist of cabinets and shelves in the lower portion. Hence, you can store shower and cleaning supplies. Further, rimmed sinks are installed in countertops from above. Their name rim is due to the edge above the surface.  Hanging sinks are wall-mounted. They make your bathroom renovations seem expensive. To add in, fixtures that you choose while renovating the bathroom may also have a significant effect on its décor. Vessel sinks are placed over the countertop.

Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast
Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

Whether you choose to install polished brass taps or faucets, or you may prefer modern chrome ones. Invest in high-quality fixtures for a flawless look. Bathroom counters are small, so they cost less.  Neutral colors like tan, brown and lighter shades of beige are more known. Hence, accounting to be more expensive. To reduce costs, use a broader range of colors. A way of budget bathroom renovations can be buying a slab containing imperfections. The more imperfect it is, the lower the cost. 

Sink basin takes up a large amount of area. If the imperfection is where the sink or faucet will be, then no worries. It won’t show at all. The latest DIY trend Is also favorable for the budget.  You can use an old dressing table as sink pedestals.  Cut out the top of the dresser to make space for the sink. Remove interior drawers and cut holes at the back for plumbing. Now your sink is good to go. Your expensive dresser sinks can now be created at a low budget cost.

Enhancing THE LIGHTING CHOICES The lighting of a washroom makes it look more spacious. A considerable impact is formed on the ambiance of your home through your light choice. Often while decorating prime focus is on the living room and drawing room lights. The washroom always gets ignored. If you are undergoing a bathroom renovation, you may want to consider upgrading light fixtures also. Not only does it enhance the functionality, even its aesthetics. Further,well-lit rooms often tend to look massive. Hence, get ready to wave bye to old fashioned fluorescent tube lights.

Budget Bathroom Renovations
Budget Bathroom Renovations

In a little investment, you can fix your lighting, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawers. They may seem pretty small and useless, but updating them can make a massive difference in bathrooms look.  A trick is to find items and then replicate them for a classy look in less amount. Upgrade your housing by installing ceiling lamps, walls sconces, and pendant lights. Have your house look more spacious. If a bigger bathroom is present, smaller lights can give classical ambiance.

Remodeling your bathroom should contain some mirror lights too. Mostly, task and accent lighting make décor look more captivating. Various types of light bulbs can also affect the ambiance and atmosphere of the room. Old plumbing used as towel racks can give your bathroom a fresh industrial touch.

Small Bathroom Renovations
Small Bathroom Renovations

Accessories for your washroom renovation

Suppose the accessories are placed correctly, the entire look of bathroom changes. While redesigning the bathroom, buying and installing bathroom accessories are not paid much detail. The quantities, shape, color, and quality are not given much detail. Towel bars, wall hangers, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes are needed in the bathroom. There might not be set guidelines for placement. These bits of advice can make your washroom look well planned and luxurious.

Towel bars should be ideally 45 to 48 inches at a height from the bathroom floor. The center of the bathroom mirror should be at your eye level. The optimal height of medicine cabinets is almost 50 to 55 inches above the floor. Bathroom accessories consisting of toothbrush holders, soap dish/ dispensers must be right next to the sink. It should be 48 to 55 inches above the floor.

Wall hangers are installed behind the door at approximately 60 inches above ground level. They can be personalized according to your need.  

Trends setters

While renovating bathrooms, trends should also be kept in mind. They make your washroom look classy.

Smart showers: indeed, a trendy luxury. Voice-controlled and Wi-Fi controls ease out your life. You can easily adjust the temperature accurately. Have music blasted while showering? Enjoy your shower experience, and feel relaxed.

Non- Slip Flooring: washrooms are one of the places where you will find slipping so easy and presenting a highly slip-resistant floor, having a rating of 0.42 or more, making it the safer stepping.

Drawer Chargers: now, with ease, put your accessories in the drawer. Opening the drawer can have you acess to the hairdryer.

Body jets: shower bed jets are coming back in fashion.

Heated floors: having warm feet after shower seems like a luxury. Now heated floors solve your issues. They tend to absorb moisture quicker than unheated floors. Slip, and falls can be easily reduced now.

Budget Bathroom Renovations
Budget Bathroom Renovations

Common Washroom renovation mistakes

Some of the common mistakes while redeveloping a washroom can be as follows:

No window or exhaust fan

Washroom tends to be the most humid place in the house. Mold build-up is also very prominent in these places. Bathroom renovations need good airflow and a little bit of natural light. On the contrary, most washrooms are devoid of light or ventilation. You can easily design it next to an exterior wall. The window would have to be covered for security and privacy. But the natural light will give a fresh feeling to the washroom. If that is not feasible, invest in an electric exhaust fan. This will aid in air circulations. Most of these fans come with a timer and a set of blinds. You can open and close according to your convenience.

Toilet in the center

The toilet should not be in the center. It should not be the first thing that anyone sees when you enter. The easiest way to dodge this is by tucking the toilet behind the door. It can also be at the side so that it’s not easily visible. While deciding on the place of the toilet, allow at least 8 inches of elbow room on both sides.  

Insufficient storage space

Open shelves make the bathroom look extra spacious. Having adequate storage space is one of the essential bathroom layout requirements. While finalizing bathroom décor, have suitable built-in drawers, shelves, and cabinets. These can be used to store towels, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, and soaps. You may also opt for open shelves. Bring the storage ladder and decorate it with flowers. Your toiletries can go in a wicker basket to avoid cluttering. Have a clean looking, comfortable access bathroom.

Poor lighting plan

Poor lighting makes the room appear cramped and tiny. Installing pendant lights illuminate the bathroom. Also, LED bulbs on either side of the bathroom mirror. While dressing up, this will be a source of direct light. LED lights save up on energy and light consumption. Strategically positioning of light gives an idea of larger space. Excessive light makes the room look extra bright.

Bathroom Renovation Services Queensland
Bathroom Renovation Services Queensland

Taking incorrect measurements  Measuring errors can create atrocious bathroom designs. Further, correcting can not be cheap. You should measure everything twice to be careful. Having ill-designed bathrooms can ruin the overall look. Even if you have expensive décor, but measurement mistakes, it can be disastrous. Take into account the distance between the door and sink—the space to move around freely. The door should not slam against the toilet once you open the door. The bathroom fixtures should be of the correct size. Taking care of these things save money, time, and stress.