Home is safe, peace, and tranquility. It’s yours, your children’s best souvenirs, the dog’s chews shoes, its sanctuary away from the busy world. We know how important it is to have a well-maintained home, and we understand how stressful it is. We want you to know that your home is in good hands to concentrate and enjoy your home on everything else.

Handyman Brisbane
Handyman Australia

If you want the best handyman service at Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or anywhere in Australia look no further than Jobtick. We know that you have an endless list of odd jobs around your place of residence. However, it is so difficult to find time to cope with the pressures of work and family.

Your home and your company are your most significant investment and should be kept in pristine shape. With minimal investment on your part, simple improvements to your home or business will look superb and increase your value. If you don’t have time or resources to repair and upgrade your home or company, you can call a trained professional. Our mission here at Jobtick is to make your property look fantastic with fast and affordable residential and business improvement services via our professional tickers.

To work efficaciously and effectively, you will have to provide adequate services from furniture repairs to shelf facilities as you continue to conduct your business. Take the time and effort to upgrade your building and give you a chance to concentrate on your business. Our light handyman has a range of expertise and years of experience to ensure that the right care and attention go to your house. Our Handyman Gold Coast expert offers coverage to all forms of household improvements. We want to give you everything you need to repair, maintain, and improve your home or business. Whether you are working in large or small companies, Our Expert Tickers Handyman service in Australia promises to do it for the first time.

Home Repair Handyman Gold Coast
Home Repair Handyman Gold Coast

In the manufacturing and construction services market, we made our mark and continued to go on our road to excellence. In the residential and industrial markets, our experts offering a variety of different services. Most of our customers have properties like homes, apartments, studios, and Townhouses. Our wide selection of business clients includes supermarkets, convenience outlets, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, leisure centres, and local authorities.

We are proud to say that we have some of the industry’s best experts and will go a step further to make sure our customers are delighted. When you come to our platforms, it is important to know that our Ticker are trained to provide our customers’ best experience. Whether you need to fix your door or make some wall painting, or whether you need to renovate your guest house, it doesn’t matter because the handyman at Jobtick will always do the work on budget, and we will always.

Handyman Services Brisbane
Handyman Services Brisbane


Our Tickers give maintenance, repair, and replacement in the following fields, with dedication and desire to be the best service provider. They always come on time, and no work is too small for them. The first time we get the job done, we always leave your house or business better than we found. All our professionals are warm and polite, and we guarantee our job. We are the experts you can count on, whether you need your drywall fixed at home or a full remodel. We will always exceed your expectations.

Our highly trained and seasoned team of qualified trade professionals can provide hands-on services in any field and relevant to building services. We assume that hiring chosen experts with their own specific experience leads to a given mission’s optimal outcome. Jobtick is proud to provide a wide variety of qualified professionals willing to deliver a vast selection of different tasks effectively and efficiently.

Most businesses provide individual services such as drywall, small electrical installations, deck repair, etc. A growing organisation needs to be approached separately and sometimes has a problem causing it to stop running. One of the key examples is the renovation of the bathroom or kitchen. You will need someone to install wardrobes, appliances, plumbing work, complete little electrical work, and finish the house.

Handyman Gold Coast
Handyman Gold Coast


Our Jobtick platforms’ mission is to bring quality professional services to our customers’ lives and help them maintain and add value to their homes. Jobtick strives to provide you with an innovative, creative, and open workforce to meet these different demands. Every customer is different. Thanks to our integrity, our trust, the service we give, and the relationships we cultivate, we aim to become the most trusted company in home repairs.


Connecting quality service providers to clients and becoming the most trusted, respected, and appreciated On-Demand Home Service App in Australia. Our Tickers aims to lift the renovation industry bar by supplying homeowners with the highest quality manufacturing and services.


We are what we stand for and who we are as an On-Demand Home services platforms that customers satisfaction together with hands-on grassroots community involvement is our utmost goals day in day out

  • Quality

We are proud to deliver the highest level of work and unrivaled experience of customer service. We feel blessed and grateful when someone wants to use our services because you have given us the trust and ability to show you what we can do. We treat every property as our own and expect and perform a quality of work we would like and be proud of in our homes. Every job we do is done at the highest level, so you’re delighted.

  • Teamwork

We believe in strong teamwork, which helps us meet our customers ‘ needs.

  • Customer Service 

We believe that we are first and foremost, the customer and strive to deliver first-class customer service. Regardless of how big and small your work can be, we work closely with you to ensure your needs are met. Communication is a big subject at Jobtick, so we always have a customer support team who are on hand to answer your call or email you back.

  • Respect for people

One of our critical values is that people are treated with the highest respect. We follow this ethic for our regular clients and not just anyone who does work for our platform. All our Tickers are punctual, courteous, and kind and do everything possible to ensure our customers’ smooth and pleasurable experience. In the marketplace and even in all aspects of our business, we always exhibit a strong will to win.

Handyman Services Brisbane
Handyman Services Brisbane


  • Experienced

If you post a job on our platform and accept an offer from our Ticker, they come with a lot of skills and experience. A professional handyman would have the know-how and the ability to make your job looked brand new again. The Ticker profile in our platform can include his expertise and the resources necessary to accomplish this mission. All you need to do is give us your blessing and some information on the job, and we will connect you to an accomplished Ticker who does many jobs like yours.

  • Trustworthy

You need to be sure that the team turns up on time when you hire a handyman service. Nothing is more stressful than a 6-hour period, which causes you to sit and wait for a day off. And nothing is irritating more than a cancellation last minute. You can be assured that they will arrive at the time you ask when you book handy services via Jobtick.

  • Fit and knowledgeable

If you book a convenient service through our platform, you want to know that they are qualified and ready to handle it. This is why we ensure each professional is measured and validated by their past customers.  There are rarely the same criteria for different work stations in the home. Therefore, we ensure we match you with the best handy professionals who can handle your particular job.

Home Repair Handyman Gold Coast
Home Repair Handyman Gold Coast
  • Upfront Rates

Our Service Providers give our clients fair and up-front rates. No hidden charges or something that will impact our customers later. We want to develop as competent, trustworthy, and consistent, hence the approach!

Our professionals with a range of expertise and experience offer manual services. Whether you need urgent assistance for home improvements or just a few odd jobs, Jobtick will help you save time and money if you book handyman services with us.

We know that time is essential, whether you’re a busy worker or a parent at home. If you book a handyman services through Jobtick, you can be sure they do the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Join the Jobtick Platforms and start your Jobtick journey today.