There are lots of lawn mowing services in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. They will take care of your lawn properly.

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Lawn Mowing

Your lawn says a lot about you. It’s one of the main features of your property that people notice when they drive past your house. The appearance and quality of your lawn and landscaping are what makes an impression on your neighbours and visitors. Not only is your garden a visual representation of you, but it is also space where you relax, spend time with your kids, or generally want to look presentable. It is part of your domain and should be something you are proud of. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick onceover with the lawn mower. Other times, more comprehensive care is needed. This is where a lawn care service can be helpful.

Nobody likes a yard that is overgrown, choked with weeds, or showing bald spots like your old uncle. It shouldn’t be something that you grimace at when you get home from work every day. But it is a constant reminder of something that needs to be worked on. A combination of procrastination and life getting in the way pushes it indefinitely to next weekend. Sometimes you just don’t have the right equipment and you just can’t be bothered to get the material and tools required to fix it. Your lawn doesn’t need to look like the grass on the golf links you played on over the weekend, but it should be presentable. So, what are you going to do about it?

Your lack of expertise in lawn care is why, like everything else, there are professionals that specialise in whatever you need to be done. Your house gets painted professionally, your car gets fixed professionally, and your trees get pruned professionally. So why not your lawn? Many companies will come to you and make your lawn look like it’s been maintained by a PGA grounds crew. They supply all the tools and experience, and you get to enjoy a luscious lawn in a matter of time. JobTick can help you find top experts about the best lawn mowing services around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and up through to Cairns

So, what can a professional company do that you can’t? Before you take on the project yourself, you have to research methods and materials, then rent or buy equipment and materials. Then you have to spend a few weekends labouring and thinking about how you would rather be spending time with your family or checking other things off the spouse to-do-list. By the time you’ve done all that, you likely could have hired a crew to do it for you for less money. And, there is a much better chance that the problem won’t persist, and your lawn will look better after treatment and get more detailed care by a qualified team. 

The equipment they use is professional quality and probably better maintained than yours. When was the last time you checked the oil or changed the blade on your lawnmower? You want to have a clean cut on the blade of grass when you go over it. Tearing or shredding the blade can cause it to turn yellow at the tip. This leaves a fresh wound for a disease to creep in, like leaving a flesh wound open to the environment without sanitizing and bandaging it.

Luckily, in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area, there are lots of options for you to choose from. But how do you know what company is the best one for your specific case? Here on JobTick, there are plenty of companies willing to offer you their services, and you can pick the best fit for you. It is easy to find a cheap lawn mowing service. Even as low as $30. 

There are many kinds of grass, and they require different care. Some need more water than others, and some need mixed fertiliser and weed control. A professional landscaping company is going to know what to do to best maintain your grass. There are plenty of varieties of yard grass for the Gold Coast region. Zoysia, Buffalo, Wintergreen are all common around the Sunshine Coast, and they all have different needs and characteristics. A professional team is going to have the experience to know exactly what nutrients your lawn type needs at the right time of the year to keep it looking pristine. 

An important part of keeping your lawn looking good is fertilizer. There are many different varieties of fertiliser from synthetic to organic and hybrid. Applying fertiliser to yards has become a standard part of yard maintenance recently and it should be done at least yearly, if not bi-yearly or even quarterly. A good company will fertilise and spray for weeds with an organic option. Regular treatment will make overall yard care a lot easier and keep everything looking green and luscious.

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Lawn Care Gold Coast

Other than lawn mowing and fertilizing, keeping your lawn looking great also includes weed management. For weed control, there is an option to use selective weed treatment if there are isolated areas that have weeds. If the weed problem is isolated and not widespread, it can be spot treated before it gets out of control. Otherwise, sometimes there is a weed killer that will only kill the type of weed that has invaded your yard. 

Finding the right chemicals and application technique to control weeds and fertilise your lawn is intimidating. There is a good chance that without experience, you could end up killing a large chunk of your yard and make it difficult to grow anything in that area. Damage can go further than just killing the grass. Some chemicals can kill the soil if applied incorrectly. This will prevent anything from growing in that area. The only thing you could do to fix it is to dig out the top layer and replace it. Things like weed treating should be left to professionals who have been licensed in herbicide application. 

Something that not many people are aware of is aeration. This lawn treatment is an important thing to do to promote root growth and keep the grass healthy by letting in more nutrients and water. Combined with an appropriate fertiliser that is child-safe, this can significantly improve lawn quality in only a few months. It is not common to find a company around Brisbane that does this. For some lawns, there is no hope to save it. No amount of fertilizer and weed killer can bring it back to glory.

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Lawn Mowing Brisbane

If your lawn is beyond repair or you want to change grass, a landscaper will lawn new turf for you and give you a fresh start. This you most definitely do not want to do by yourself. How the new grass gets put in will affect the way it looks and grows for the rest of its life. This includes the first few months after it is put down. Whether from seed or turf, new grass is very sensitive to being cut and watered. It would be a good idea to hire the company who installed it to also care for it for at least six months. It takes time and patience to wait until the grass is established enough to be cut normally. 

Services other than lawn care 

Other than lawn care, what other services do you need for your garden? Complete tree removal or a light pruning? Do you need weekly assistance or a one-off before entertaining or selling your house? If you need more than a lawn mow, most companies will help maintain other aspects of your yard, too. Just because they might specialize in mowing lawns, doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of other yard tasks. Just because your lawn might look great, doesn’t mean you can slack off with the other plants in the yard.

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Lawn Mowing Crains

Your yard maintenance goes beyond just the grass. Trees and shrubs also need attention. Trimming and pruning your yard plants is essential for keeping them looking like they are in the best shape and keeping them healthy. Evidence of bugs and disease are leaves that are wilting, discoloured or have holes in them. Plants that have disease or bugs should have affected areas trimmed off before it spreads to the rest of the plant.

Insects will wreak havoc on your beautiful shrubs, so they also provide treatment for them, too. A trained crew can come to identify diseases and bugs then treat them appropriately, so you avoid disaster and end up losing the entire bush. The best part is that you do not need to worry about cleaning up and disposing of the trimmed bits. The crew will haul them away to a proper disposal site. Also, dead branches can cause a hazard if they are large enough or close to something breakable. This is especially important if they are hanging over a public walkway or street. You would not want a limb from your tree falling on someone’s parked car. 

On a side note, if you want an entire tree removed make sure the arborists will also remove the stump. Stump grinding is something that everyone should offer, but some don’t for some reason. And they are a pain in the rear to get rid of. If they ever do go away, it takes a long time, even with stump remover chemicals. Unless it is in a discreet part of your yard or you want to use it somehow, it is worth paying someone to remove it. 

Lawn mowing and maintenance services in Brisbane do more than just private properties. If you have rental or business properties, they can be taken care of by the same people who mow your lawn at home. Don’t worry about your rental property exterior upkeep. It is too far and inconvenient for you and you have better things to do with your time than lawn mowing on the weekend. Having an excellent looking property increases your rental value and keeps the neighbours happy. Avoid letting the property get out of hand because your tenant will reliably do nothing to keep up with plant growth.

You want where you live to look good. As much as you might want to be a DIY weekend warrior, some things are better served by a professional. Damage to your lawn and garden can be hard to fix and will take months for it to recover. And there’s a chance it never will fully come back. There can also be equipment to hire and headaches when something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. That herbicide you thought would kill only the weeds all over your yard just burnt everything it touched, and now you are facing a dusty yard and will need to spend a fortune to have new turf installed. This is just one of many scenarios where hiring out the labour and skill would be cheaper than doing it yourself and risk making a costly mistake.

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Cheap Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn mowing is an easy and inexpensive way to give a little polish to your yard. Even a cheap lawn mowing service can get the job done well. It can be worth your time and money to hire a lawn care service around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast so that you can be more productive or spend precious time with your family. Invest in yourself and make your yard look great so you can sit back and relax on your beautifully mowed lawn. If you think you might be interested in finding a lawn mowing service near you, JobTick is a great place to start. Simply post the services you are looking for, and a company will contact you about a free consultation. During the initial consultation, you might find out that the problems you thought were minor might run deeper than you thought, potentially saving you thousands of dollars over time.

There’s no reason not to at least inquire about a qualified service. If you do decide to hire one, your property is sure to look splendid. And your neighbours will also thank you and be impressed by how neat and tidy your yard looks. During these times, people are out and about walking around the neighbourhood. Lots of compliments are sure to follow from people you have probably never met!