Maintaining and resurfacing your pool in Brisbane could be a daunting task. However, we have put together some best practices to maintain, resurface, repair and of course, clean your pools. Some of these tips can either be done by yourself or a pool maintenance professionals which can be found on Jobtick.

Concrete Pool Resurfacing Gold Coast
Concrete Pool Resurfacing Gold Coast

Jobtick is a marketplace where any service provider can create an account and advertise its service to its targeted audience. It doesn’t end there, you as a service seeker can also find a couple of professionals who are readily available to help you with your pool resurfacing, pool cleaning and pool repairing in Brisbane by signing up on the website.

We have well-trained expert pool cleaners in Brisbane to give your pool the comfort you desire. Here you can find a couple of service providers who are experts in concrete pool resurfacing in Gold Coast, these experts have the knack to maintain your pool throughout the year.

If you are yet to get a pool, think about the pool that can fit your home, whether it is a lap pool, below ground, above ground, or plunge pool. On the other hand, if you have a pool, consider how the nature of the land camp can improve the ecstatic looks of the area. Therefore, before you embark on constructing a swimming pool, here are important questions you should ask yourself:

  • What is the average cost of constructing a pool?
  • What safety measures can I put in place? 
  • What is my time frame for this project?

With these questions in mind, here are some creative ideas that can inspire you to construct a pool that meets your expectations:

Different Types of Poolspot in Brisbane

Pool Cleaners Brisbane
Pool Cleaners Brisbane

Grass Pool Scenery

While beautifying your pool area, you don’t necessarily need to plant trees. To save the cost of constructing a new pool, it is better to maintain the use of green grass. All that is required here is your regular water and mow.

Coastal Pool Landscaping

Sometimes, in constructing a swimming pool, you don’t need to plant vegetation to make a fantastic pool area. All you need is to fix white pebbles around it and plant some moist shrubs. You can creatively add the rattan chairs, bamboo umbrella, and natural baskets for seating comfort.

Desert Pool Pattern

Get inspired with the looks of Palm Springs and design your choice desert oasis right in your home. Also, consider adding little greenery and some rocks. When it comes to your choice of furniture, you can choose a brown colour.

Build a Waterfall

The sound of trickling water is so refreshing to hear. Therefore if you want to add more exquisite style to your swimming pool, it is best you set up this attractive feature. It will undoubtedly impress any user and develop a relaxing ambience suitable for any social event at the poolside.

Pool Maintenance Brisbane
Pool Maintenance Brisbane

Resort-style Pool Landscape

Pool experts know how to make your pool look like that of a resort. If you are inspired to craft this elegant structure, ensure you decorate it with fancy coloured lounge chairs with rolled-up towels attached to them. Most importantly, create a time table to maintain this pool regularly. Though this task may be hectic, hiring a professional will give you peace of mind.

French Chic

This pool space is amazingly inviting and reflects the old French Countryside. It also exudes stylish landscaping with well-placed greenery. To further expose its vintage looks, you can plant little clusters of bushes in the area. 

Mediterranean Style Pool

Convert your outdoor space into amazing Mediterranean scenery with a well-curved pool design, encircled by vegetations and few palm trees. You can adorn the area with attractive mosaic tiles.

Cottage Design

If you prefer spending more time outdoors, then the cottage pool style will be your perfect fit. It is designed with a smooth slide going into the pool; which is much fun for kids. Having this feature in your pool can make the design look more natural, especially with rocks by the pool sides. 

Pool Maintenance Gold Coast
Pool Maintenance Gold Coast

Natural Pool Landscaping

While there is no green vegetation in view, this outdoor pool space reflects a lavish relaxation and shows that all pool designs must not have plants. This rightly affirms that less is at times so much. You can go further to decorate the pool sides with natural stones of any size to form a barrier around the lower part of the pool. This is the perfect place to relax with your loved ones.        

If you want to enjoy your pool, here are smashing ideas about pool maintenance you should have:

Pool Maintenance Tips

Poolspot Brisbane
Pool spot Brisbane

Scrub the Pool

To avoid stains and algae buds, you need to wash the steps, sides, and bottom of the pool regularly. Pool maintenance experts advise that you should scrub the pool once in a week or once fortnightly, depending on the size of your pool.

Please note that in case you notice stubborn algae stains that won’t clean off soak an old rag with chlorine, then hold with your hand and scrub thoroughly.

Skim the Surface

At daily intervals, it is helpful to skim the surface area of your pool to take out leaves, bugs, and other particles. The task can only take about ten minutes.

Monitor the Water Level

It is essential to maintain your pool so that you can know the required quantity of chemical you can use to make it crystal clear. See if the water level is halfway to the opening of your skimmer, as this is an excellent way to monitor the water level and it will make sure that the skimmer can work perfectly.

Pool Maintenance Logan
Pool Maintenance Logan

Splashing can be one of the causes of fluctuations in water level, but in some situations, excessive loss of water could be as a result of a leak.

Regular Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

To enjoy a good pool, it is important always to keep it clean. With the use of filters, pool pump, and an automatic vacuum system on a daily basis, your pool can be as clean and healthy as you want.

Do Water Testing and Chemicals

To maintain clear and safe water that is free from bacteria, you always need to monitor the health of your swimming pool. The expected PH level, acidity and alkalinity depend if your pool is saturated with salt water, the weather condition in your area, and the way you make use of the pool.

The truth is, after summer, your pool may have lots of debris in it than at other times of the year. Immediately the summer storm is over; you are required to remove the debris and disinfect the water to avoid any possible bacteria eruption.  

This is the reason it is recommended that you get the pool repairs in Brisbane professionals so they can check your pool. It’s equipment, carries out complete tests, and offers you the right advice on your desired chemical components and also the maintenance schedule. At this point, you can do your regular water testing and chemical application with the use of DIY testing equipment. 

Clean the Filter

It is important to clean the filter basket at all times, but it should not be ‘too clean’. A clean filter is not effective when compared to a faintly dirty one because having some pebbles in it will help block other dirt from filtering into the water. 

Pool Maintenance Queensland
Pool Maintenance Queensland

Concrete Pool Resurfacing in Gold Coast

You can always trust the professionals at our platform for your concrete pool resurfacing in Gold Coast for an amazing pool repair and maintenance service. With their expertise, they can effectively carry out pool cleaning, repairs, and maintenance on concrete pools with stubborn stains. Their method of work is reliable, as they make use of concrete waterproofing tools particularly designed for swimming pools to make sure their service lasts a long time.  

The Cost of Resurfacing a Concrete Pool

Before you embark on resurfacing your concrete pool, you need to check the financial costs and the length of time it will last. A concrete pool can last between ten and fifteen years before it becomes due for resurfacing.

Apart from retouching the interior finish, you are also required to change the waterline tile, which costs an average of fifteen thousand dollars. However, the cost depends on factors like:

Type of interior finish – while resurfacing your pool, you will be left with the choice to maintain the surface material you had before or to change it with a new one. For instance, you may choose to replace the existing plaster to pebbles.

Location of the Country – the location of the country depends on the price as a result of weather condition, demand and the available supply. 

Condition of the Pool –if any plaster parts are empty at the bottom of the pool, you need to grind off the existing plaster else, the old plaster can get loose and peel off the new finish. 

Benefits of Pool Resurfacing in Brisbane

Pool Repairs Brisbane

Usually, resurfacing your pool in Brisbane is the best way to make it look good and healthy again. Though there are several ways you can make this happen, nevertheless, there are innovations which would work better. For example, pebble and quartz surfaces are still a popular choice for many pool owners.

One amazing benefit of pool resurfacing in Brisbane is that the modern resurfacing approach can be used instead of any existing pool surface regardless if it has vinyl, pebbles, concrete, painted or tiled swimming pool surfaces. This is one of the reasons why we recommend hiring professionals from to make your pool spot in Brisbane more enticing.

Depending on your available financial resources and the type of pool you desire, the professional service providers can also use different methods to resurface your pool spot in Brisbane. The pool resurfacing approach is affordable.

Pool resurfacing makes your pool look very smooth. The finish is non-scratchy and has no rough edges, compared to concrete swimming pools that can easily hurt your skin. Additionally, resurfacing gives attractive colours to your pool’s surface area.

Furthermore, a resurfaced pool is straightforward to maintain. The repaired surface area is not porous and effectively prevents the outbreak of algae, stains and discolouration. Also, it is easy to clean up because the surface area is smooth.

Quartzon Pool Resurfacing – quartz pools look dazzling. They possess a unique combination which produces an astounding sparkle to your pool. It is designed in a consistent manner which provides a smooth, yet solid surface to accommodate the feet and swimwear.

Pool Cleaners Brisbane
Pool Cleaners Brisbane

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing – fibreglass is increasingly becoming more popular to pool owners. It is admired for its smooth surfacing and prevents stains.


How Pool Resurfacing Works

Pool resurfacing is a way of constructing a new swimming pool surface area on top of your existing pool. It helps to repair any rust or leaks by fixing a shell on top of an existing obsolete pool finish. It also helps to paint spoilt mouldy pool surface areas and revamps your entire swimming pool to become new again. No doubt, pool resurfacing is trusted and lasts for many years.

The resurfacing method of repairing pools is an amazing choice, as it is faster and more affordable. It is strong enough to sustain the pool regardless of any weather condition and lasts for a long time.

Expert Pool Paint Brisbane

Our service providers make use of high-quality pool paint in Brisbane to decorate your pool; they also make use of premium coatings for your pool too. In order to achieve this, they offer two distinct solutions to ensure your pool has an amazing look. From their brilliant choice of colours to the act of painting, these experts are well experienced to give your pool a modern look.

Whether you want to renovate or resurface your pool in Brisbane, the experts at Jobtick can help you in getting the latest trends in colours for your swimming pool.

Pool Resurfacing Brisbane
Pool Resurfacing Brisbane


There are lots of benefits in maintaining your pool. One of them is that it saves you the cost of constructing a new one. From building a dazzling look to extending the lifespan of your pool, to giving your feet a smooth surface, a well maintained swimming pool will give you a long period of maximum satisfaction.   

Our platform helping in organizing a lot of professional Pool cleaners in Brisbane to work harder than just skimming for debris and maintaining chemical balance. These professionals are well trained to repair your pool in Brisbane and make your pool resurfacing in Brisbane an easy task; they can also give you expert advice on how to maintain your pool. All you need is to head over to, create an account, and you’re on your way to meeting some pool maintenance professionals in Brisbane who are readily available to help you to get relief from the stress of running regular maintenance on your swimming pool.