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Mosman, NSW
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Latest Dog Grooming Reviews

Check out a selection of recent reviews from our happy Posters for dog grooming jobs across Australia.

Lovely smelling coat

Awesome job done at a fraction of the price of my usual groomer, she now has a lovely smelling coat and looks cute as ever.

Georgia Scott
Georgia Scott Poster

What does the dog grooming service include?

Our Tickers can offer a range of dog grooming services based on your requirements, these include:

Full groom

A full groom may include pre-groom, bathing, brushing, blow dry, full body trim, nail clipping and cleaning.


Puppy groom

If your dog is of a young age, a puppy groom can offer a gentler treatment that is more suitable.


Regular grooming

If you are looking for a professional to groom your dog on a regular basis, our Tickers can help.


In-home grooming

No need to travel, our expert dog groomer can provide their services from the comfort of your own home.

Why hire a dog groomer through Jobtick?

When hiring a dog groomer through Jobtick, you get a number of benefits compared to using a company.

Get highly rated experts

All of our Tickers can be rated by Posters, meaning that you get full transparency and can choose a Ticker that is highly recommended.

Choose your budget

Jobtick lets you set a budget for the entire project or at an hourly rate - saving you hundreds of dollars compared to using a dog grooming company.

Secure & reliable

With Jobtick acting as the middleman for payments, you only pay when the job is completed and there is no risk of being scammed.

Get offers quickly

We have hundreds of Tickers ready to help with your dog grooming jobs - post today to start receiving offers.

Dog grooming jobs - frequently asked questions

How often should I have my dog groomed?
The recommended frequency for dog grooming is dependent on the breed and type of coat that the dog has. For example, a dog with a short and smooth coat should have a full groom every 8 - 12 weeks.
Can you teach me how to groom my dog?
Some of our Tickers may be happy to teach you how to groom your dog so that you can do it yourself in the future. Provide this in your job posting to attract Tickers who are open to this.
Do you offer a grooming service for aggressive dogs?
Aggressive dogs can be difficult to groom and therefore specialist methods are required. If your dog is aggressive then include this detail in the job posting to ensure you receive offers from Tickers who are comfortable with this.
Will the Ticker provide their own tools and products?
Dog groomers will usually provide their own tools and products for the service. If you have your own products then include this in the job posting to attract offers from the right Tickers.
How long does it take to post a dog grooming job?
Posting a dog grooming job on Jobtick takes just a few minutes and you could start receiving offers from Tickers straight away. To post your first job, sign up today on our website or through our app.