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Jaxon W.
Sydney, NSW
Jaxon W.Joined in Apr 2021
3 Reviews
Joseph R.
Melbourne, VIC
Joseph R.Joined in Jan 2021
23 Reviews
Phoebe H.
Brisbane, QLD
Phoebe H.Joined in Mar 2021
9 Reviews
Annabelle D.
Gold Coast, QLD
Annabelle D.Joined in Apr 2021
2 Reviews

Latest Gardener Reviews

Check out a selection of recent reviews from our happy Posters for gardener jobs across Australia.

Getting rid of weeds

Delighted with the weeding service provided, professional and friendly gardener who I would recommend to anyone.

Alyssa Kelly
Alyssa Kelly Poster

What does the gardening service include?

Our Tickers can offer a range of gardening services based on your requirements, these include:


Regular or one off mowing to ensure your lawn looks tidy and presentable.



Getting rid of weeds or other undesirable growth in your garden. Treatment can be used to ensure these weeds don’t grow back quickly.


Hedge trimming

A perfectly trimmed hedge can make your garden look breathtaking.



If your garden is currently cluttered by green or other waste - our Tickers can help clear your space.

Why hire a gardener through Jobtick?

When hiring gardeners through Jobtick, you get a number of benefits compared to using a gardening company.

Get highly rated experts

All of our Tickers can be rated by Posters, meaning that you get full transparency and can choose a Ticker that is highly recommended.

Choose your budget

Jobtick lets you set a budget for the entire project or at an hourly rate, saving you hundreds of dollars on normal gardening fees.

Secure & reliable

With Jobtick acting as the middleman for payments, you only pay when the job is completed and there is no risk of being scammed.

Get offers quickly

We have hundreds of gardeners ready to help with your outdoor space - post a job today to start receiving offers.

Gardening jobs - frequently asked questions

What jobs can a gardener do?
A gardener hired through Jobtick can do all sorts of jobs including planting, weeding, trimming, cutting, clearing, maintenance and so much more.
Can you offer a regular service?
Absolutely, if you require a regular gardening service, our Tickers can help. Be sure to specify your requirements when posting the job to attract the right kind of Ticker.
Will the Ticker bring their own tools and equipment?
Yes, our gardeners can provide their own tools and equipment for the job. If you have your own tools - be sure to specify this when posting the job.
Can Tickers help with landscaping?
Absolutely. Be sure to check out our dedicated landscaping page to hire the best landscapers in your area.
How long does it take to post a gardening job?
Posting a gardening job on Jobtick takes just a few minutes and you could start receiving offers from Tickers straight away. To post your first job, sign up today on our website or through our app.