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Henry T.
Canberra, ACT
Henry T.Joined in Oct 2020
13 Reviews
Willow A.
Perth, WA
Willow A.Joined in Feb 2021
17 Reviews
Harper M.
Redfern, NSW
Harper M.Joined in Feb 2021
25 Reviews
Chloe W.
Hillbank, SA
Chloe W.Joined in Jan 2021
16 Reviews

Latest Graphic and Design Reviews

Check out a selection of recent reviews from our happy Posters for graphic & design jobs across Australia.

Kim was amazing!

I absolutely LOVE my new website! It portrays my brand so well and the Ticker really listened and understood my requirements.

Martin Combe
Martin CombePoster

What does the graphic & design service include?

Our Tickers can offer a range of graphic & design services based on your requirements, these include:

Website build

Designing and developing beautiful websites for your business or personal project to help you stand out online.


Logo design

Designing stunning logos to use on your online and offline promotional material.


Graphic design

Designs for your stationery, posters, packaging, leaflets and other marketing material.



Creative animations to use on your personal or business website.

Why hire a designer through Jobtick?

When hiring a graphic & design expert through Jobtick, you get a number of benefits compared to using an agency.

Get highly rated experts

All of our Tickers can be rated by Posters, meaning that you get full transparency and can choose a Ticker that is highly recommended.

Choose your budget

Jobtick lets you set a budget for the entire project or at an hourly rate, saving you the expensive costs associated with using a design agency.

Secure & reliable

With Jobtick acting as the middleman for payments, you only pay when the job is completed and there is no risk of being scammed.

Get offers quickly

We have hundreds of graphic design experts ready to help with your jobs - post today to start receiving offers.

Latest Marketing & Design jobs

Take a look at the most recent graphic designer jobs that have been posted on Jobtick.

Graphic & design jobs - frequently asked questions

Can Tickers help businesses?
Yes. If you are a business and need a designer to help promote yourself - our Tickers can offer their expertise at a much lower price to traditional agencies.
Why use a Ticker over an agency?
As well as lower prices, using a Ticker through Jobtick rather than an agency means you get a more personal service, a higher level of attention and often faster turnarounds on work.
How long will it take to design a logo?
The time it will take to design a logo will depend on the complexity of the logo, how many revisions are required and what it will be used for. To get the fastest turnarounds on work, ensure that you provide as much detail as possible when posting the job.
What benefits does having a website offer?
A website provides your business or personal project with a presence online. As more and more people rely on the internet to get information and make decisions every day - having a website is becoming essential.
Do I need to provide anything?
In most cases, you will not need to provide anything other than a brief. Designers may also be interested in hearing about your preferred fonts, colours and styles to ensure that they create something you love.