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Leon S.
Lakemba, NSW
Leon S.Joined in Mar 2021
18 Reviews
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Opalton, QLD
Robinson N.Joined in Feb 2021
12 Reviews
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Sydney, NSW
Billy C.Joined in Apr 2021
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Illinbah, QLD
Heidi T.Joined in Oct 2020
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Check out a selection of recent reviews from our happy Posters for home service jobs across Australia.

My home is spotless!

I used Jobtick for home cleaning services and I’m so happy with the results, my home is spotless and I will definitely use this service again.

Toby Swan
Toby SwanPoster

What can home services include?

Our Tickers can offer a range of home services based on your requirements, these include:


Our Tickers can help with cleaning, interior painting, plumbing, pest control, insulation, locks and more.



Keep your outdoor space looking great with services including gardening, landscaping, gutter cleaning, exterior painting, fencing and lawn care.



Have a furry friend that needs taking care of? Our Tickers can help with pet care services including grooming, walking, feeding and house sitting.



Your vehicle is an important part of your home, our experts can help you with car repairs, bike repairs and car cleaning.

Why use Jobtick for home services?

When using Jobtick for home services, you get a number of benefits compared to using a contracting company.

Get highly rated experts

All of our Tickers can be rated by Posters, meaning that you get full transparency and can choose a Ticker that is highly recommended.

Choose your budget

Jobtick lets you set a budget for the entire project or at an hourly rate, saving you lots compared to using a contractor.

Secure & reliable

With Jobtick acting as the middleman for payments, you only pay when the job is completed and there is no risk of being scammed.

Get offers quickly

We have hundreds of home service experts ready to help with your home - post a job today to start receiving offers.

Latest Gardening jobs

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Home service jobs - frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of home services?
Having jobs around your home completed by an expert allows you to relax in the knowledge that the job is being done properly. When using Jobtick, you save potentially hundreds of dollars compared to using a dedicated home services contractor.
How much do home services cost?
The cost of home services will depend on the job that is being done and how large the project is - post your job today to start getting custom offers from our Tickers.
Can I use one Ticker for every job?
As our Tickers all have their own field of expertise, it’s likely that you will have a different Ticker depending on the job that is being done. The Jobtick platform means that you get a highly rated professional every time.
Will the Ticker bring their own tools and equipment?
This will depend on the job that is being carried out and whether any specialist tools are required. This can be discussed with your Ticker before the job is accepted.
How long does it take to post a home services job?
Posting a home services job on Jobtick takes just a few minutes and you could start receiving offers from Tickers straight away. To post your first job, sign up today on our website or through our app.