Privacy policy

All of information obtained from any users of Jobtick Pty Ltd ABN 68 639 155 767 are managed by ("Jobtick" or "We") in accordance with all applicable privacy legislation in Australia.

This privacy policy explains how the personal information of the Jobtick’s users are handled. All rights and obligations for both users and Jobtick related to their personal information are set out in this privacy policy.

All users do accept and agree to the terms and conditions of Jobtick ("User agreement") via having any access to (the "Site"), which includes the users agreement to, and authorization of, the gathering, use and reveal of their personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. It is strictly notified that individuals under 18 years old are not permitted to use the Jobtick’s site in any way, under its terms and conditions of use.

1. Collection and use of your personal information

Jobtick provides a special community-based online outsourcing services for its users. Any failure to provide required information asked by Jobtick precisely may lead to Jobtick disability to provide some or all of the services requested.

It is notified that all users’ personal information are collected when registering with/using Jobtick which may include, but not limited to, full name, date of birth, gender, address, contact details, occupation, and account details. Jobtick has provided a feature for all of its users to associate a photo/video with their Jobtick user ID. In the case of any changes to the users’ personal details, it is the users’ responsibility to update their Jobtick account in order to keep their information precise and up to date in Jobtick platform.

All users are not anonymous to Jobtick when using the Jobtick platform or any other forum associated to it, in any way. It is highly notified that Jobtick may share all information related to the way its users use its services including (but not limited to) all transactions made on the its site/with its affiliate service providers, given feedback/comments and bids.

All users should be aware that their user ID and all information posted on the Jobtick platform are visible to other Jobtick users and also publicly available to any other internet users, whenever they use the Jobtick platform in any way including (but not limited to) post a task, make an offer, make a bid, give feedback or communicate in a public forum on the Jobtick’s website.

All users are strongly encouraged to be cautious and use an entire discretion when using the Jobtick platform in any way. It is strictly notified that Jobtick does not accept any responsibility/liability whatsoever for any disclosure or use of its users’ personal information posted in any publicly accessible area of its platform.

All users should be aware that some information may be collected and recorded from their internet browser/PC/Laptop/smartphone, including (but not limited to) their systems’ IP addresses, cookies (for further information please see section 2 below) and their page requests, by Jobtick.

It is notified that some other data on the internet behaviour of Jobtick users from any social media sites/services may also be collected and recorded by Jobtick. All users should be aware that in the case of using a location- enabled Jobtick service, any information related to their actual location may be collected and processed.

All of the information collected by Jobtick may be used to provide services, including (but not limited to):

  • identification and authentication;
  • protecting/ maintaining the Jobtick platform, services and valued users;
  • customising any content/advertisement available/displayed on its platform;
  • providing any information about any users/parties to another users/parties with whom a contract has been facilitated by Jobtick;
  • as required by law, order of a court/tribunal/regulator or if Jobtick determines that the use/disclosure of the users’ information is required for enforcement related activities;
  • developing any new service features in the Jobtick platform;
  • ensuring that Jobtick receives all payments of the fees due to it;
  • contacting the users in order to inform them about any new changes/modifications or services improvements occurred in the Jobtick platform;
  • allowing any contents on the Jobtick platform to be aimed, on an aggregate basis, to any users for whom those contents are most presumably relevant;
  • developing Jobtick users base;
  • developing Jobtick relationships with any affiliate service providers;
  • providing/improving any possible internal/external verification services acquired by any users through the Jobtick platform; and
  • producing data reports on an aggregated, non-personally identifiable basis, for both internal and third party use, but subject to any applicable laws/regulations.

All users should be aware that any third party service providers to Jobtick may use the Jobtick users’ contact information for accounting, invoicing/billing and marketing purposes. Moreover, all users should be aware in order to reply to some enquiries made by the Jobtick users, users’ collected information may be transferred overseas. It is notified that a record of the communication(s) between Jobtick and its users may be kept when users contact Jobtick, in order to help resolve any existent issues. It is notified that users’ personal information, e.g. photo or any other information uploaded to their jobtick account may be shown to others who have those users ID.

All users are informed that their email address may be used in some certain circumstances in order to administer the Jobtick users agreement.

Jobtick does ask for its users consent directly in the case of using/disclosing any sensitive information from them which are not personal information, including for direct marketing purposes. It is highly ensured that users’ sensitive information will not be used/disclosed for any other reasons unless the primary purpose for which those information have been collected.

2. Cookies and anonymous identifiers

All users should be aware that their pc/laptop/smartphone/device may store an anonymous identifier/identifying cookie if they have registered on the Jobtick platform.

All users are informed that Jobtick may use anonymous identifiers/cookies for some reasons including (but not limited to) access the users’ information when they sign in/up, direct specific content to the users, report on Jobtick user base, track the users’ preferences and improve Jobtick services. Furthermore, anonymous identifiers/cookies may also be used by Jobtick whenever its users interact with any of its affiliate service providers.

All users do agree that in the case of changing their internet browser’s settings and blocking/restricting cookies associated with the Jobtick services, the Jobtick services may not work as intended. All users should be aware that even if they are still able to use the Jobtick platform while their cookies are disabled, some of the Jobtick’s services may not function properly on their pc/laptop/smartphone/device which may lead to not have an opportunity to take advantages of certain Jobtick’s features.

3. Protecting and maintaining personal information

Jobtick does try to protect all information (held by it) about its users from unauthorized access, however the entire security of those information, having the Jobtick systems utterly free from third party interception and incorruptible from viruses will not be guaranteed. It is strictly notified that Jobtick will not guarantee to protect any information sent to it over the internet by any form of encryption. In light of this, the security/privacy of the Jobtick users’ personal information, including (but not limited to) any payment and account details will not be guaranteed by Jobtick. All users should be aware that any personal information transmission to Jobtick are at their own risk and Jobtick will strictly not accept any responsibility for the security of its users’ passwords and/or account information.

4. Third Parties

All users should be aware that the Jobtick platform may contain some links to third party sites including (but not limited to) any networks of its affiliate service providers and advertisers. In the case of following such links and/or using any services provided by those third party service providers, all users should be aware that they have their own terms and conditions of use, privacy policies and security statement. All of the Jobtick users are strongly encouraged to read those terms and conditions, privacy policies and security statement before disclosing any of their personal/sensitive information on such sites.

It is strictly informed that Jobtick does not accept any responsibility/liability for, the privacy policy of, and use of personal/sensitive information by, any party other than Jobtick, including (but not limited to) any user of the site, the operators of any website to which the site links, or third party service providers to whom the Jobtick users disclose their personal/sensitive information to, directly.

All users will receive a notice in the case of being affected when Jobtick is involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale, before any transmission of their personal information to another entity or facing a different privacy policy.

The Jobtick ads may be shown on any sites by any third-party vendors, including (but not limited to) Google.

In order to help all users with location based information, the Jobtick platform use the Mapbox Maps API whose information and privacy policy are available at

All users should be aware that in the case of using any verification services made available by Jobtick through its platform, which is performed by a third party verification provider, all personal/sensitive information provided by users to acquire those services will be collected directly by that third party verification provider and Jobtick will not collect/use those information in any way. All users’ verification status from that third party verification provider will be sent to Jobtick for issuing any relevant verification badge on its platform. It is notified that any use/handling of personal/sensitive information does remain the responsibility of that third party verification provider under its own privacy policy.

5. Marketing

All registered users should be aware of an opportunity provided for them in the Jobtick platform to select the ("opt-in") option in order to receive any updates on any latest services/offers and news of Jobtick and/or its affiliate service providers ("marketing material"), via the Jobtick account, personal e-mail address, post or phone. All users should be aware of an opportunity given to them to opt- in to receive marketing material from Jobtick and/or its affiliate service providers, in the case of concluding a transaction on the Jobtick platform.

If any user does not wish to receive marketing material any more after opt-in, an opt-out option has been provided to stop receiving that marketing material at any time. In order to opt-out go to the 'manage account' link on the Jobtick, select 'Settings', then 'Alerts' and make any desired changes. Click on the "unsubscribe" link in any email containing marketing material sent to you by Jobtick, or give an opt-out request via emailing Jobtick, in the case of being unsatisfied to receiving the marketing material.

Jobtick may contact any of its user selected as a referral by another user who has provided Jobtick with that referral’s contact information, such as name, phone number and email address. Any use/handling of those referral’s contact information will be governed by this privacy policy. In order to opt-out of Jobtick referral system at any time, email Jobtick via the contact information provided on its platform.

Remarketing with google analytics is used by Jobtick for all online advertisements. In order to opt-out of google analytics for display advertising and customize google display network advertisement, use the ads settings in a personal google account.

First-party and third-party cookies together are used by marketing Jobtick and third-party vendors, including google in order to inform, optimise, and provide advertisements based on the Jobtick users recent activities/visits to the Jobtick.

In the case of any dissatisfaction, all users will be able to opt-out of google analytics for display advertising and customize google display network advertisements via the ads settings in their personal google account.

6. Administrative communications

This right is strictly reserved for Jobtick to send its users any administrative and account-related messages which they may not opt-out of. In order to stop all communications from Jobtick, users must close down their Jobtick account.

7. Accessing personal information

All users are permitted to have an access, edit, update and/ or delete their personal/sensitive information held by Jobtick at any time, unless:

  • Jobtick is legally permitted/required to refuse any access to, and/or to retain the users’ private/sensitive information; or
  • Jobtick receives any unreasonably repetitive requests which require an irrational or highly impractical technical effort and risk the privacy of other Jobtick users.
  • In the case of wishing to have any access to the personal/sensitive information held by Jobtick, or to delete the Jobtick account, please contact Jobtick here.

All users should be aware that residual copies of their personal/sensitive information on the Jobtick active servers, as well as any corresponding information on its back-up systems, may not be deleted immediately, if the users delete those information from the Jobtick services, in order to avoid any accidentally or maliciously destroy of information held in the Jobtick systems.

8. Privacy Concerns

In the case of being concerned about the way Jobtick handles its users’ personal/sensitive information or requiring more information, please don’t hesitate to email Jobtick using the contact form available on the Jobtick platform. Jobtick will contact any user who has made a formal written complaint related to its compliance with this privacy policy, in order to follow up on that complaint. All users should be aware that Jobtick will only post its users’ Jobtick public profile publicity other than any other information posted by its users on the Jobtick platform, intentionally.

All users should be aware that Jobtick may change/modify this privacy policy and update the web page on which it is displayed, occasionally. A notification will be sent to the Jobtick users accounts and/or their registered email addresses in the case of such modifications. ABN 68 639 155 767. copyright 2020 All rights reserved.