The Use of Website and Mobile App

Terms and Condition

This Services Agreement constitutes a legal agreement between Poster/Ticker, and the Jobtick Pty Ltd, an Australian Company registered in Australia with ABN no: 68 639 155 767

you accept that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Jobtick Terms of Use; if you do not agree to be bound by these terms of service agreement, you must not use the Jobtick Platform or the services as defined on this service agreement.


  • Jobtick "means" Jobtick Pty Ltd "the Company."
  • Website "means" Jobetick Website that is owned and operated by Jobtick Pty Ltd.
  • Mobile App "means" Jobtick mobile application that is owned and operated by Jobtick Pty Ltd.
  • Fee "means" all payments payable to Jobtick Pty Ltd
  • A Poster "means" the user/person who is posting a job on the Jobtick platform/Website.
  • A Ticker "means" the service provider who offers to do the job for a set fee.
  • Job "means" a job that the Poster is posting on the Jobtick platform/website.

The Poster Obligation

  • Accessing the use of the Jobtick Mobile App or Jobtick website is confirmation of accepting the terms and conditions as set in this agreement.
  • Accessing the use of a jobtick mobile App or Jobtick website is confirmation that you are 18 years of age.
  • When you accept an offer from the service provider, you are entering into a contract with the service provider; the contract can be written or by way of communicating an intention to accept the offer.
  • You must not use The Jobtick platform for any immoral or illegal activities.
  • You agree that Jobtick can collect your personal information when you use Jobtick App or Website; we may use it to verify your user account.
  • You agree that Jobtick may use your post's content on the Jobtick platform for promotional purposes on the internet or social media worldwide.
  • You agree that you are liable for any harmful, fraudulent, misleading, or false information or unlawful images posted to the Jobtick platform using your account.
  • Accepting an offer by Poster is a confirmation of an agreement between the Poster and the Ticker; accordingly, the Poster and the Ticker agree to be bound by Jobtick terms and conditions also by Jobtick Privacy Policy.
  • Upon accepting the offer, the agreed service fee is due and payable.
  • The Poster must provide a safe working environment for the Ticker to perform the job.
  • The Poster shall confirm the completion of the job on the Jobtick Platform.
  • A Poster reserve the right to nominate the Ticker to perform the job; Jobtick shall notify the Ticker accordingly
  • Do not post your exact location, full names, Phone Numbers, or Email Addresses when posting a job.
  • The posters may cancel or modify a posted job at any time before accepting an offer from the Ticker
  • if the dispute arises from the scheduled job, payment for that particular job shall remain
  • Upon accepting an offer from the service provided, the Poster and the Ticker may use Jobtick private messaging facilities to communicate and make changes to the job, including the agreed service fee,

The Ticker Obligation

  • The Ticker shall be responsible for the job performed under the agreed job description. The Ticker must not give any part of the job to a subcontractor or the third party who do not have a user account on the Jobtick platform
  • The Ticker accepts and agrees to provide all the essential equipment, tools, and materials at his own expense to perform each job.
  • You agree that Jobtick can collect your personal and business information when you use Jobtick App or Website; this information is to verify your user account or ID documents.
  • The Ticker shall arrive at the job location on time and agree to perform the job professionally.
  • If the Ticker performance is not satisfactory, the Ticker shall rectify the issue as soon as possible.
  • The Ticker may perform additional service and request an adjustment of fees. The Ticker acknowledges and agrees that they shall not receive any cash payment and thatall additional services and payments shall be through the Jobtick platform.
  • The Ticker shall confirm the completion of the job on the Jobtick Platform.
  • The Ticker shall not use the Poster information for any reason other than fulfilling the agreed services.
  • Upon your satisfactory performance of the job, the job fee is payable within 24 hours of completing the job
  • Jobtick reserve the right to suspend or remove the Ticker account should the Ticker fail to meet his contractual obligation or fails to uphold the terms of his agreement or perform an unacceptable and poor-quality job.


  • In respect of services provided by the Jobtick platform, a percentage of the transactionvalue between the Poster and the Ticker is payable to Jobtick Pty Ltd; this service fee is non-refundable and automatically is deducted from the payment
  • After the job is scheduled, the service provider may need to perform additional service; the Poster may agree and accept to pay for additional service while the service provider is performing the job.
  • The Poster shall pay any agreed additional service fee through the Jobtick platform before the service provider performs the additional service.
  • Any additional services performed must be confirmed and paid for through the Jobtick platform.
  • Any additional services that are performed but not paid for through the Jobtick platform shall not be covered by the Jobtick Guarantee and will violate the terms of the user agreement, resulting in the deactivation of the service provider user account
  • The Poster shall pay for the scheduled service by credit/debit bank card at the time of accepting an offer,
  • As a service provider, you acknowledge and agree that Jobtick process the due payment to your registered business bank account within 24 hours of satisfactory performance of service,
  • The Jobtick reserves the right to withhold all or portion of the service fee should the Poster complain about unsatisfactory performance, or there may be a reason to believethat you have violated the terms of this agreement

Cancellation and Disputes

  • Jobtick Pty Ltd creates a direct business relationship between the Poster and the Ticker, Jobtick Pty Ltd, and their affiliates company is not responsible or liable for disputes arising from matters relating to the direct or indirect business relationship between the Poster and the Ticker,
  • In the event of a dispute between the Poster and the Ticker, both parties shall attempt to reach an agreement within 14 days by friendly and informal negotiation; should both parties fail to resolve the issue, the dispute shall be referred to Jobtick to resolve the disputes promptly. However, Jobtick has no obligation to assist in resolving any disputes between the Poster and the Ticker.
  • There are circumstances where a poster may cancel the scheduled job offer, and these include when the service provider has misrepresented the service or has a significant problem that cannot provide the service within a reasonable time frame.
  • When the Poster and the service provider reach an agreement to cancel the scheduled job, if the Poster initiates the cancelation, Jobtick shall refund the service fee paid by the Poster less the service fee payable to Jobtick Pty Ltd.
  • If the Ticker stops performing after the job commenced. Payment shall remain in Jobtick account until such time that the Poster and the Ticker come to a consensus on their own or through other methods of resolving their issues.
  • As a Poster using the Jobtick platform, it is your responsibility to evaluate the service provider qualifications, and as the service provider, it is your responsibility to evaluate the job posted by the Poster.

Online Payment Service Provider

  • Jobtick uses a payment service provider, "PSP" to facilitate online payment by credit card, debit card, or any other payment method. The PSP terms and conditions atwww.stripe.comare incorporated into this agreement.


  • We invite the users to send their feedback on the Jobtick platform; Jobtick reserves the right to remove your feedback should it be considered unfair or unlawful to other Jobtick Users.


  • Jobtick may offer a third-party insurance policy to use from time to time; it is the User's responsibility to ensure that the third-party insurance policy is adequate for its intended use. The insurance policies are available on the Jobtick website, or you can request to receive a copy by email.


  • Jobtick or the Users may terminate this agreement at any time; shall give termination notice via email or Jobtick platform. The cancellation effective immediately.
  • The termination notice shall not affect any job that has been scheduled with the Poster